SIP Trunking can help you organize your communications infrastructure, regardless of the size of your organization. You’ll benefit from extended network calling area, and you can distribute available capacity across multiple office locations with SIP Lines. This is an alternative to traditional PRI, as you can allocate capacity based on demand for business continuity.

With BroadConnect’s reliable private network you can establish your local presence. This reduces long distance calling charges for your customers. You can select numbers from more than 1,100 Canadian cities, and over 8,000 local US exchanges (including Columbus) and assign each of these to a single SIP Trunk.

Capacity on Demand

You won’t have to subscribe to lines that aren’t needed even as a precautionary measure with ‘Capacity on Demand’.

Fact: With SIP Trunking solution it can be up to 10 times faster to make changes than by using a conventional PRI-based system. Our web interface is easy to use and interactive.

SIP Is The Next Step in IP Communications

SIP or Session Initiation Protocol is the backbone of the latest IP communications. It bridges the gap between PBX’s with middleware, IP-PBXs, and the PSTN and connects all your office locations. It allows you to substitute conventional phone lines with an IP infrastructure. This helps you manage your varying call volumes and lowers your costs.

SIP Reduces Communication Costs

Businesses that rely on conventional voice services can pay an excess of 50% more on services they don’t need. With SIP Trunking, you can manage identical call capacity over far fewer channels.