uc520Do you want to remain in complete control of the management, maintenance, and upgrading of your PBX in Columbus? If so, then a premise based IP PBX Phone System offered by BroadConnect is what you need.

The premise based IP PBX Phone Systems offered by our company is quite easy to manage. They are feature rich and flexible and come with uncompromised functionality and cost savings. They also have advanced features that considerably drive productivity metrics. You can find a wide range of premise-based IP PBX Phone Systems available in the market from VoIP Industry’s leading providers.

Each IP PBX Phone System offered by BroadConnect is completely warranted and supported by our experts.

Legacy PBX Systems

A PBX or Public Branch Exchange is a specialized system designed to direct calls. The whole system includes routing inbound and outbound calls and routing calls between office extensions. If you already have a PBX System in your office, then you are aware of how expensive it can be. The installation charges can be as high as $10,000 depending on the size of your business, and including repair, manual operations, and storage cost, the cost can go up to $24,000 or more.

Hosted PBX Systems

We also provide Hosted PBX solutions to take care of your growing business. With the Hosted system, the business does not need to purchase additional hardware. Hosted PBX is a complete PBX system that is managed by us, your VoIP service provider, through our data center via the Cloud. Another term for Hosted PBX is virtual PBX, which is using  Cloud technology over the Internet.

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