IP Phones for Your Columbus Office

BroadConnect makes choosing the best VoIP phone for your Columbus office effortless. Select from more than 50+ unique conference phones, desktop VoIP phones, WiFi VoIP phones, all from the BEST manufacturers in the industry. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for dual Ethernet ports, multiple line appearances, have a limited budget, or are wanting to gratify a high-ranking manager, BroadConnect has the right VoIP phone option for you.

phone-sliderEach of our IP phones come with a 100% guarantee, is approved by our internal experts, is fully SIP certified, and works right out of the box in combination with almost all of the renowned VoIP systems on the market. Don’t miss the opportunity to obtain an IP phone from BroadConnect right now.

Wireless IP Phones

Wireless VoIP phones are the ideal solution for companies and organizations that would like to integrate up-to-the-minute technology in today’s work environment. WiFi IP phones enable workers to use state-of-the-art communication methods and features from a variety of mobile devices, they will become an indispensable improvement for your current wireless network.

Video Phones

Video calls and conferencing are now common methods for interacting with co-workers, clients, and suppliers. Video conferencing solutions lead to more efficiency and greatly improves the likelihood of a successful result. Reasonably priced and versatile, video conferencing should be an important addition to your business plan.

Conference Phones

BroadConnect offers a large number of hands-free meeting and conference solutions, offering plenty of useful features. Modern day businesses are no longer constrained to fixed geographic locations. It’s  important that conference calls are coherent and highly accurate in order for it to be beneficial for the business.