Regardless of the size of your business or the industry you cater to, BroadConnect offers Hosted PBX systems designed to allow you to return your focus to core business needs. With a virtual phone system from BroadConnect, your communication problems will become a thing of the past. Our wholly managed business telephone systems have been proven to reduce communications costs by nearly 50%.

The BroadConnect managed PBX system is the latest business phone system engineered to seamlessly integrate with existing infrastructure and optimize existing data networks. It can also provide a competitive advantage to businesses that rely on communications between employees, stakeholders, suppliers and customers.

Most businesses migrating to a Hosted solution with BroadConnect can keep their current phone number, ensuring an easy transition.

Streamlining your business is our main goal. BroadConnect’s Hosted PBX provides your business with an all-in-one package that includes VoIP equipment, installation, support, maintenance and updates. In addition to being easy to set up; it’s also a turnkey installation with a fully managed system. Hosted PBX is ideal if you are looking to replace your outdated legacy system, or opening a new business location in Columbus.


Advanced Features:

The following features will help each division of your business to stay in communication with each other, your customers, and suppliers as well. Features include the ability for Video and Audio conferences, Web Collaborations, Call Recording, Advanced Call Reporting, and Call Centres. If you allow BroadConnect to assess your company, we can prepare a customized solution that includes advanced features that will benefit your businesses communication on every level.



We are able to provide the flexibility of billing both of your offices and mobile phone services to your office line; therefore, reducing your expenses. The most popular features of this service are the Find Me/Follow Me and being able to share your phone number on multiple devices.


  • Streamlined: Provides a simple platform that can conduct voice, internet and multimedia services.
  • Lowered Costs: Transform CapEx to OpEx using our managed phone systems and save while we handle installation and any required maintenance.
  • Voice Prioritization: With our broadband network, the voice always comes first. This ensures any incoming and outgoing calls will be crystal clear.
  • Guaranteed Quality of Service: We have a privately owned IP network that is managed nationwide.
  • Seamless Multi-Location Integration: BroadConnect’s Hosted PBX services are a Cloud-based system that combines geographical locations, home offices, and mobile devices within its core functions.
  • Toll Fraud Protections: Our system is able to analyze voice traffic in real time. With ongoing services, we are able to contact you, or take action instantly if irregular, or excessive calling or strange patterns occur.